Captain Firebeard’s School for Pirates by Chae Strathie, illustrated by Anna Chernyshova 

Whilst browsing the library shelves for books to read with Pippa at bedtime, we came across Captain Firbeard’s School for pirates. It is an early chapter book and has a very ‘orange’ cover which caught Pippa’s eye as it’s her favourite colour. I read the blurb and she liked the sound of it. 

It is an entertaining story about a boy called Tommy who starts at the best pirate school there is – Captain Firebeard’s. it follows his first term and the lessons he has in how to be a pirate. Like most school based stories he makes a few friends and there  is a rival gang of ‘baddies’ who want to cause mischief for Tommy. The story features treasure hunts, secret codes, whirlpools and all kinds of piratey stuff with plenty of opportunities to say aaaaarrrrr! 

There are orange, black and white illustrations on most pages, some are just text but are usually followed by ones with lots of pictures. The chapters are around 20 pages long so we usually only read one per night. 

Pippa’s best part of the book was when it said ‘poop deck’ – cue hilarious giggles! She said her favourite character was Tommy because she liked that he had a parrot called McBeaky. She also liked Captain Firebeard because he had a big orange beard and is funny. 

This is currently the only book about Tommy and Firebeard’s pirate school, I don’t know if there will be any more but we really enjoyed this one so hopefully there will be more adventures in the future.  Definitely a great bedtime read for pirate fans or those who like adventures or school based stories.