The Twits by Roald Dahl

We finished reading Henry’s latest Roald Dahl book yesterday – The Twits. 

It is one of the shorter novels so didn’t take us long to read. Each of the chapters is quite short so we easily read a few at each bedtime. As with all Roald Dahl books there are great illustrations throughout. 

The Twits tells the story of the odious Mr and Mrs Twit who spend their lives thinking of ways to be mean to each other. They are also mean to their monkey family and the local birds and the story develops into how the animals get their own back. It is a very funny story and Henry loved the yucky things Mr and Mrs Twit got up to. 

Henry said he didn’t like Mr and Mrs Twit but he did like the things they did to each other with his favourite being the wormy spaghetti! His favourite characters were Mugglewump the monkey and his family. 

It was another of Roald Dahl’s books that we really enjoyed and would thoroughly recommend.