Charlie and The Great Glass Elevator by Roald Dahl, illustrated by Quentin Blake

Henry chose this book from the school library and it’s taken us a few weeks to get through it! 

Charlie and the Great Glass Elevator is the sequel to the ever popular Charlie and the Chocolate Factory and the story picks up right where the first book ends. Charlie has just been given the chocolate factory and he and his family are with Mr Wonka in the Great Glass Elevator. 

Events then develop as the Great Glass Elevator takes them off on adventures firstly into space to battle the alien Vermicious Knids then back to the factory to explore more of Mr Wonka’s amazing concoctions. 

The chapters vary in length but are quite long so we usually only read one each bedtime which is why it took a couple of weeks to finish! 

As with most Roald Dahl books there are fab illustrations by Quentin Blake throughout which help break up some of the longer passages of text. 

Henry is a big of fan of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory and often listens to it on audio CD so the characters are familiar to him. I asked him what he thought of the Great Glass Elevator and he said that he liked the Vermicious Knid that had a bumped bottom and that the best bit was when they came back down to the chocolate factory. 

Henry enjoyed the story but said he still prefers Charlie and the Chocolate Factory though! 

He also said he didn’t like Grandma Georgina because she wasn’t very nice to Mr Wonka who is his favourite character! 

Although Henry listened well and understood the main parts of the story, some of the word play, jokes and events were a little beyond his comprehension. It will be a good book for him to revisit himself in a few years. 

When reading, I realised that I had not read it before and I enjoyed reading more about the characters from Charlie and the chocolate factory. 

Overall, a great bedtime read but probably better suited for 7+ year olds who will appreciate more of the jokes and word play. 

Author: bedtimebookblog

Mum to 5 year old twins. Trained primary school teacher. Love reading!

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