Astrosaurs Academy series by Steve Cole 

It’s been a busy week but Henry and I have this week finished another of the ‘Astrosaurs Academy’ books by Steve Cole. 

 This series of books follows the adventures of young dinosaur Teggs Stegosaur and his friends as they train to be Astrosaurs at the Astrosaurs Academy. Exactly as it sounds, an Astrosaur is an astronaut dinosaur who protects the rest of the dinosaur world! Teggs and his friends have to outwit T-Rexs and other meat eaters, uncover saboteurs and protect their planet from all manner of other mayhem. 

They are chapter books but still with some illustrations on each page. The chapters vary in length according to the book so we read different amounts at each bedtime. 

The most recent book in the series that we read was called ‘Volcano Invaders’ and in this story Teggs and his gang had to defeat a very different enemy whilst trying to avoid being swallowed up by an erupting volcano! This book had some longer chapters, and most end up on mini cliffhanger moments which makes it easy to build up suspense and excitement for the next bedtime reading. 

The dinosaurs have lots of gadgets and Henry really liked how the volcano ended up being more than it seemed.  He said he likes Commander Gruff because he helps rescue the Astrosaurs but his favourite characters are the Daring Dinos (Teggs and his 2 closest friends) because they have the special motto: ‘Do we dare? (Put hands together) WE DARE!’ He really likes joining in with this every time it occurs in the books! 

Henry loves dinosaurs and is also interested in things to do with space so these books are perfect for him for bedtime stories. They are a lot of fun and easy to read and I have to admit to really enjoying them too! 


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Mum to 5 year old twins. Trained primary school teacher. Love reading!

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