Monkey and Me by Emily Gravett

This is one of Pippa’s all time favourite picture books and one of the first she proudly told us she could ‘read’ by herself. As the title suggests it is a story about a monkey (a toy one) who along with his owner, a little girl, go and visit a range of animals at the zoo. 

Emily Gravett has written a wonderful repeating text which is very easy for even very young children to pick up on. On each of the pages the little girl’s actions give a clue to which animal they will see next. This is lovely for children to guess what is coming next and Pippa certainly enjoys doing so even though we have read the book many times. It is also lots of fun to make the same shapes as the little girl does, although this does not always lend its self to a calm bedtime read! 

The illustrations are very appealing and the little girl and her monkey are lovely characters. We have been reading this book for a long time with Pippa and, even though she is now able to read it herself, she still very much enjoys having it read to her at bedtime. 

I said it is one of her favourites, her reason why – because she says it is just like her and her toy Monk 🙂 


Author: bedtimebookblog

Mum to 5 year old twins. Trained primary school teacher. Love reading!

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