Hubble Bubble series by Tracey Corderoy

Pippa originally introduced us to the world of Granny Trouble (or Granny Bubble as she calls her!) when she chose to spend her World Book Day voucher on ‘Hubble Bubble, Messy Monkey Business. This was pretty much initially based on the fact it has monkeys on the front cover and Pippa loves monkeys! We did read the blurb to her and she liked the idea of a Granny who gets up to mischief! 

This book (and the entire series) is about a girl called Pandora whose Granny is (whisper it) a witch. Together they have lots of fun when Granny’s spells don’t always go to plan! Granny Trouble’s magic is often used to ‘help’ in situations with funny consequences for Pandora and her friends. 

After Messy Monkey Business we managed to find two more at the town library – Wacky Winter Wonderland and Super Spooky Fright Night. All 3 were beginner chapter books with lovely 3 colour illustrations on each page. There were 2 or 3 stories in each book, split into usually 4 shorter chapters. Pippa and I found 2 chapters was a good length for bedtime although occasionally we read a whole story. 

Pippa really enjoyed these books, she sustained her concentration well and liked that there were lots of pictures too. The stories are amusing and the characters likeable. Pippa really liked it that Granny made magical things happen, especially if they went a bit wrong! 

Our bedtime story today was another of the Hubble Bubble series – this time ‘Spells a Popping, Granny’s shopping’. I hadn’t read the details properly when ordering this one (Pippa just chose the picture of the one she would like) so was quite surprised to see it is a picture book.

This made no difference to Pippa, the characters were the same and Granny caused all sorts of mischief in the supermarket so she was really happy. The fact monkeys featured was a bonus! It was a rhyming book and easy to read in one sitting. I actually liked the fact it was a slightly different style to the previous 3 we had read. An added bonus was that due to it being a picture book, Pippa was really enthusiastic about being able to have a go at reading it herself tomorrow. 

After reading it, I did a bit of research on others in the series and it seems as though this is one of the earlier books which was a picture book format and there are a couple of other picture books too. With those and the other chapter books yet to read, we still have a lot more Granny Trouble to look forward to at bedtime! 


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